Things to do before I die

Task Date Added Date completed
Learn a second language 1998 2004
Learn to program a computer 1999 2006
Learn to play the bass 2000 2005
Understand the nature consciousness 2001 PENDING
Solve the Simulation hypothesis 2001 PENDING
Write and direct a feature film about the hacker culture 2002 PENDING
Learn to draw in perspective using vanishing points 2002 2009
Play in a major concert with my band 2004 PENDING
Earn a university degree 2004 2009
Start a grassroots movement dedicated to the protection of the environment and human rights 2004 2007
Attend a Sigur Rós concert 2005 2006
Attend a Radiohead concert 2006 2007
Learn to speak German 2006 PENDING
Construct my own language 2006 PENDING
Become a film director worthy of this name 2006 PENDING
Sort out my sexuality 2007 2009
Plant a forest 2007 PENDING
Learn to speak Japanese 2007 PENDING
Learn to play the drums 2007 PENDING
Write, perform and record a studio album 2008 PENDING
Live in Japan 2007 PENDING
Attend a Nine Inch Nails concert 2008 2009
Meet the 65daysofstatic in person 2009 2009
Launch an activity that will make me financially independent with little or no effort 2008 PENDING
Learn to play the piano 2008 PENDING
Give a keynote at TED 2008 PENDING
Go to a vacation with my sister 2008 PENDING
Find the right question for the answer to life, the universe and everything 2008 PENDING
Write and direct a feature documentary film that will awaken the personal consciousness of millions of people 2009 PENDING
Learn to play the violin 2009 PENDING
Speak at the United Nations 2009 PENDING
Find a viable, cheap, and realistic plan to end world hunger and water deprivation 2009 PENDING
Unplug everything and go into the wild for as long as it takes 2009 PENDING
See, touch, and save a whale 2009 PENDING
Tangibly save a life 2009 2011
Reject any material good and find peace 2009 PENDING
Write a book 2011 2012
Learn to sing 2011 PENDING
Become an author 2011 2013
Attend Singularity University 2011 2012
Help more than 1 billion people (10⁹+) 2012 PENDING
Set foot on all seven continents (including Antartica) 2012 PENDING
Skydive 2012 PENDING
Run a full marathon 2012 PENDING
See the Northern Lights 2012 PENDING
Start my own company 2012 2013
Throw a mega-party and invite all my friends (from 100+ countries) 2012 PENDING
Go on a road trip alone, with no money. 2012 2014
Build my dream house 2012 PENDING
Go to Burning Man 2012 2012
Visit the world's best 100 cities 2012 33%