Th!nkCast #1 - Good evening, Copenhagen!

Th!nkCast #1 - Good evening, Copenhagen!
Published: Sunday 11 October
Host: Stephen Spillane


First episode: Good evening, Copenhagen!

The fourth out of many (hopefully) podcasts which relate to the Think about climate change blogging contest.

Description: How was the Copenhagen kick-off event? What was the highest point of the event and how did the bloggers react to the speakers?

This podcast was recoded on the first night of the actual conference, after the speakers at the Bella Centre gave their presentations. I remember having a great dinner at the Biomio (I don't know why they chose an Italian name for the restaurant, I guess good good and Italian sound-like name really go well together) when Joe Litobarski gathered all the people interested in making a podcast.

I previously had and experience with other podcasters and with Joe in the ThinkCast Special Edition #1: What has blogging ever done for us?, hosted by Domen Savič, in which Conor, Adela, Hai and myself, discussed about the power of blogging.

When Joe called us out that night it was very late, we all ate a drank quite a lot (I didn't really drink ant alcohol, but I stuffed with food), so we didn't expect a big response. We were pleasantly surprised. As far as I can remember about 20 people showed up, most of which were very passionate and gave a lot of interesting insights on how to record, what to talk about and the format of the podcast. Eventually we agreed on what a ThinkCast should look like, and this was our first result. On the Thinkcaster's group page there's a fervent discussion about the upcoming podcasts, which seem to be very interesting.

Happy listening! :D

p.s. This article was crossposted on the TH!NK ABOUT IT - Climate Change blogging competition.