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Review - Blue Submarine Number 6 (1998)

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Attention, there may be spoilers.

Blue Submarine Number 6

Original Title Ao no roku gô
Directed by Mahiro Maeda
Writing credits Satoru Ozawa (comics) Hiroshi Yamaguchi
Genre Animation / Short / Action / Sci-Fi / War
Also Known As Blue Submarine No. 6 (USA)
Runtime 30 min (4 episodes)
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Colour Colour

Animation [8] /10

The style and the realisation are audacious. Before this 1998 GONZO story there were very few studios who actually got into the 3D GCI at this level. They tried, at least I can give them that. Blue Submarine n.6 is what I call an experiment. In fact, many things inside it resemble what will be the GONZO masterpiece Last Exile, both the characters (especially the female one) and the animation. The 3D is not a good technical achievement, but surely is a good start. The CGI does not fuse homogeneously with the drawings, and the designer noticed it. But then the director said it was OK, as people would get used to it.

In fact, after a while you DO get used to it, if you are not too picky, but the very fact that there are only 6 OVA makes the attempt utterly futile, because the animation becomes familiar when the anime is about to finish...

I do have to thank them in any case, because it is thanks to this anime that we have been blessed with Last Exile.

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