Polyphasic Sleep

Polyphasic/Uberman Sleep project.

Project Polyphasic Sleep - Days 163-271

Days 163-271

From and including: Monday, November 7, 2005
To and including: Friday, August 4, 2006
It is 271 days from the start date to the end date, end date included
Or 8 months, 29 days including the end date
Alternative time units
271 days can be converted to one of these units:
    * 23,414,400 seconds
    * 390,240 minutes
    * 6504 hours
    * 38 weeks (rounded down)

This is the an overview of the time I've been doing the polyphasic sleep. Looking back from now it looks like a hell of a lot of time, much more than the usual. In these 8 months I've accomplished many things, and I have to thank the PS for many of them. Without it , I would not have been able to do many of the activities I'm involved, I should have left something behind. Let's look at the time I spend awake with the PS and what I would have spend if I did not use the PS schedule.

* 1                  ~5-6hrs              ~8hrs
TOTAL                POLYPHASIC            MONOPHASIC 
* 271 days           ~1600hrs             ~2168hrs        

Having a total of 6504 hours, that make the time I was awake...

TOTAL                POLYPHASIC           MONOPHASIC 
* 6504 hours         ~4900hrs             ~4300hrs
TIME GAINED (~, transformation into units)
    * 2160000 seconds
   * 36000 minutes
   * 600 hrs
   * 25 days
   * 4 weeks

Project Polyphasic Sleep - Days 101-162

Days 101-162

In my personal opinion and experience, these are great days for the polyphasic sleep. I am finally starting to see ACTUAL improvements in life, not only on the personal level, but the beneficial effect of the polyphasic sleep regime reflect also in my academic performances, as a remunerative payment for the my studying.

The beautiful thing is that I did not have to convince myself that the method worked, and quite well I might add, the problem was to find a way to convince the skeptics about it, using objective facts. And here I am, now I have proof.

Current Schedule

     04:30 - Wake up           Total Sleep Time: 5-6 Hrs/day
     07:35 - Sleep                               Variable
     08:00 - Wake up
     12:35 - Sleep
     13:00 - Wake up
     18:35 - Sleep
     19:00 - Wake up
     00:00 - Sleep

Project Polyphasic Sleep - Days 51-100

Days 51-100

It sounds kind of strange to call this an experiment, when it's been such a long time since I started. During these 100+ days it has become more of a habit, a state of mind. I already listed in my previous posts all the beneficial effects of the Polyphasic Sleep, and I noticed that whenever I am not able to stick to the schedule and I fall asleep for more then 5 hours I feel like rotten during the day.

Current Schedule

     07:30 - Wake up   Total Sleep Time: 5-6 Hrs/day
     13:00 - Sleep                       Variable
     13:25 - Wake up
     18:00 - Sleep
     18:25 - Wake up
     22:30 - Sleep
     22:55 - Wake up
     03:00 - Sleep

Project Polyphasic Sleep - Days 14-50

Days 14-50

I became quite inconstant in my naps. I try very hard to stick to the schedule, and I manage to do it for five of them, but usually the 11:00 nap became a nightmare, tonight, Wedsnday 23 - Day 16, I slept five hours during this nap. Mhmmmmmmm...... something is happening. Maybe I became sleepwalker, I developed an algorithm that would allow me to switch off my mobile alarm clock just if I am really awake, but even so I did not manage.

The possible solutions to this mystery are:

  • I hear the alarm clock, I wake up, stand up, open the drawer, switch off the clock with the right button, so that it doesn't ring again, put the mobile inside that drawer, go back to sleep without even noticing nor remembering.
  • My roommates are having fun.
  • I do not set the alarm clock properly (not this time, it was right)
  • I do not hear the alarm clock, and it goes on for hours.

Now the only PLAUSIBLE solutions are 0 and 2. Number 1 is possible but I doubt that that's the case. Number 3 is not even in doubt, it would bother everyone, and if someone else heard it, he would have awaken me. Number 2 was not the case this time. Ceterum censeo, the only one that remains is number 0, I guess I'll have to start some kind of mental adjustment, maybe hypnosis ( LOL ^_^ ). Seriously, I have to think of something, I cannot believe that I cannot do it properly, plus I like the benefits too much to stop it in the middle, I am just not thinking the right way.


Project Polyphasic Sleep - Days 7-13

Days 07-13

Lucid Dream

I woke up and I did not have the slightest idea of where was I and what time was it. I tasted around with my hands to see if I could recognise anything in the darkness. A wall on the right, "It must be Verona, at home I don't have a wall on the right", I thought. I got up and saw my roommate, he was sleeping. "That doesn't help, for all I know it could be midday already."

Live Journal

On Day 09, Wednesday 16, I experimented the effect of alcohol on my body during polyphasic sleep. My homies and I went to cool party in Padova, basically all the young university students gather together in the main square of the city to drink the Spritz (a local drink). As soon as you enter the piazza you expect to find a rock concert, considering the incredible magnitude of people standing in the cold November, but there is nothing like it. There are occasionally some people playing the bongos or inventing an algorithm to play the percussion on every possible surface. I found that the trash bins in Padova seem to be made for that purpose. True, you can achieve almost professional results with just a pair of sticks, even found by chance, and thanks the particular form, you can make lots of different sounds.

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