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Th!nkCast #1 - Good evening, Copenhagen!

Th!nkCast #1 - Good evening, Copenhagen!
Published: Sunday 11 October
Host: Stephen Spillane


First episode: Good evening, Copenhagen!

The fourth out of many (hopefully) podcasts which relate to the Think about climate change blogging contest.

Description: How was the Copenhagen kick-off event? What was the highest point of the event and how did the bloggers react to the speakers?

This podcast was recoded on the first night of the actual conference, after the speakers at the Bella Centre gave their presentations. I remember having a great dinner at the Biomio (I don't know why they chose an Italian name for the restaurant, I guess good good and Italian sound-like name really go well together) when Joe Litobarski gathered all the people interested in making a podcast.


Blog Action Day 2009: Climate Change

The blogosphere is a complex organism which evolves rapidly in an ever-increasing motion. Discussions, philosophical insights, political commentaries, idiotic videos and lolcats cross each other in an apparently incoherent flow of information, unstoppable and uncontrollable. Then suddenly something extraordinary happens. On October 15 of each year the minds and hearts of the bloggers and internauts are captured by one word. Since its first edition in 2007 Blog Action Day has gathered the attention of thousands of bloggers, who were able to then reach millions of people. The idea is very simple as well as effective:

One issue, one day, thousands of voices

Global issues like poverty are extremely complex. There is no simple, clear answer. By asking thousands of different people to give their viewpoints and opinions, Blog Action Day creates an extraordinary lens through which to view these issues. Each blogger brings their own perspective and ideas. Each blogger posts relating to their own blog topic. And each blogger engages their audience differently.

I participated in both the events and gave my contribution. In the October 15 post "Blog Action Day - Zero Waste" with a post about the environment, I presented a series posters which encouraged people to recycle materials, which could then be used for future products, instead of considering them just waste. Recycling is of course just the last link of the chain, as people should first reduce and then reuse materials as much as possible. The cycle of production, consumption and disposal is a fairly complex issue, and it can't be explained in a few paragraphs, and many organisations have tied to find viable solutions to solve this problem. As far as I could tell, one organisation above all has its ideas and projects very clear and effective: the Zero Waste International Alliance. They have projects, publications, as well as real life case studies. So, what does the environment and the production of materials have to do with climate change? Quite a lot. What we decide to buy inevitably has an impact on the planet. Things are very much connected, soil degradation and the destruction of biodiversity do not allow plant to flourish, which cannot then absorb CO2, nor purify water, nor provide oxygen and nutrients for the organisms that need it.


ThinkCast - TH!NK2 about it Climate Change podcast: What has blogging ever done for us?

Th!nkCast - Special Edition #1
Published: Monday 24 August
Host: Domen Savič


  • Domen Savič
  • Conor Slowey
  • Adela
  • Hai Nguyen Van
  • Federico Pistono

First episode: What has blogging ever done for us?

Description: Weblogs or blogs are slowly turning into an oldie but goldie phenomenon of the web 2.0. Still, all across the globe people are finding new ways to use this wonderful tool for several types of communication. Be it for forming a political movement to investigating climate change! So, what has blogging ever done for us?


TH!NK2 Climate Change - I'm going to Copenhagen!

2009 TH!NK2 Climate Change blogging competition

I am delighted to announce that I was selected as one of the 81 bloggers in the world that will take part to the 2009 TH!NK2 Climate Change blogging competition.

TH!NK2 Climate Change is a 3 month blogging competition with a focus on UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen (COP15) in December 2009. 81 bloggers from Europe with featured guests from India, China Brazil and the USA, representing the world's biggest players in climate policy, will come together on the European Journalism Centre's platform, to exchange ideas and debate the issues of climate change.

Participants are encouraged to report about stories in their own back yards; to bring out the local side of a global issue. The aim is to create a portal into the minds of 81 people, to show how each one experiences the effects of Climate Change policies every day.

To launch TH!NK2, TH!NKers head to Copenhagen! The FREE trip to Copenhagen takes place the 21-22 September and all participants must attend to be eligible as a TH!NKer. In Copenhagen, The EJC arms ALL particpants with a Flip HD to help them include multimedia content to their blog posts.

It is organised by the European Journalism Centre, the travel expense and accommodation will be covered by the EJC.

I am expected to write blog posts for the competition from 23 September to 20 December 2009. To stay in the competition, I need to submit at least 3 posts per month. Not a problem, it sounds much more like an incentive.

I am excited to be part of this project and I can't wait to start blogging from Denmark. ^_^


The blog gets facelift and upgrade: drupal 6.12 and facebook connect

Good news everyone! I took some time to make this blog a little bit more usable, as well as safe. I made quite a lot of improvements, here's a list of the most significant ones.

Dupal 6.12


I've been running Drupal 5 for quite some time, and I've meaning to upgrade to Drupal 6 (version 12) since I had the chance to work with it and see the huge improvements the community has made to this amazing Open Source Project. It's now faster to load, better looking (improved theming), more secure, easier to use, supports OpenID in its core, and a lot of other small goodies that make it irresistible. It's the most important update, as well as the least noticeable by the end user.

Facebook Connect


See that nice facebook icon, just down the login form? This module allows you to login on my blog using your Facebook login and password. Sweet.

  • After logging through Facebook Connect, you can create a local account
  • You can choose which of your Facebook public information you want to import and synchronize with your local account, following Facebook Connect API Terms of use
  • You can see which of your Facebook friends already have an account on this blog
  • You can publish a customizable message on your Facebook feed announcing that your have created an account here
  • You can invite your Facebook friends to create an account here

For this purpose I'm using the excellent Facebook Connect drupal module.

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