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Operation Money Crackdown

Operation Money Crackdown is a peaceful, worldwide activist operation to promote The Zeitgeist Movement, using the very tools of the system against itself.

Here's an example of a banknote from the operation.

What is the vision?

  • Spread awareness of the movement all over the world
  • Make people think
  • Create dozens of videos to share on YouTube/Facebook
  • Collect all the best video and make a 3-minutes viral video showing the collaborative global effort

How do I participate?

  1. Download the High quality source files (US dollars, UK pounds, Italian and Greek euros), chose your national banknote and edit the text accordingly
  2. Print six fake banknotes per A4 paper to save space.
  3. Follow these instructions
  4. Upload the video on YouTube and add it to the list below, remember to use the tags "operation money crackdown" and "the zeitgeist movement"

Is this legal?

Yes, as defined by the European Central bank on reproduction rules. Similar rules apply everywhere, when less than 50% of the original banknote is preserved is considered legal.


Wikipedia is everyday more valuable. It's the living proof that the world can be better, and that we can overcome the use of money. The real motivation that drives people is not monetary profit, but it's self mastery, curiosity, and the need to share meaningful things with others.

Wikipedia makes it a reality.

Federico Pistono

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