Peter Diamandis talks about "Robots Will Steal Your Job, But That's OK"

X Prize Chairman and CEO Peter Diamandis talks at the CIO Network about a future where the cost of living becomes essentially free, giving a shout-out to my book "Robots Will Steal Your Job, But That's OK: How to Survive the Economic Collapse and Be Happy".

Original video from The Wall Street Journal

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Interview at Singularity Hub

Singularity Hub features in their home page an interview with me. Go check it out ;)

Here's a 5 minute excerpt of the 1 hour long Google hangout.

Perestroika interview at Singularity University

My good friend Tiago Mattos of Perestroika interviewed me on my book "Robots will steal your job, but that's OK", the future of jobs and society, art, creativity, passion, and the technological singularity. The interview took place at NASA Ames research center, during the Graduate Study Program at Singularity University.

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Original post on Perestroika (Portuguese)

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ZDAY 2012 Vancouver - Robots will steal your job

My talk at ZDAY 2012 Vancouver regarding automation, technology, and their impact on jobs and the economy.

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