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What if everybody got free cash? Results from real-world experiments might surprise you

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What if everybody received every month enough money to live by? Will society collapse? Will we all become slackers? Myths and facts about Unconditional Basic Income, with analysis from a real world experiment conducted in India between 2011-2013. Keynote speech at the Future of Work Summit, NASA Ames Research Park, California, June 30, 2014.

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Graduate Studies Program 2013 Application Launches Today! Deadline is Dec 11, 2012

I attended Singularity University this past summer of 2012, and they were without a doubt the best three months of my life. It's such and intense and incredible, awe-inspiring experience, that I feel inadequate while attempting to put into words what it has been like for me. It just has to be lived. The optimism in this place is contagious, mainly because you are surrounded by people who have already positively impacted millions of people. If you go there, you know you can make a difference in the world for the better.

Go for it.

Press release

Singularity University is now accepting applications to attend its 2013 Graduate Studies Program (GSP). The GSP program is a ten-week, intensive living/learning experience for 80 highly-accomplished leaders. Participants collaborate to develop hands-on team projects that apply accelerating technologies to address global humanitarian challenges, in order to achieve large-scale societal impact.

The 2013 GSP summer session will be held June 15 through August 25, 2013. Learn more about the GSP program at The 2013 cohort will be the fifth class to spend a transformative summer at SU's campus, located at NASA Research Park in Silicon Valley.

Singularity University encourages applications from members of underrepresented populations worldwide. In 2013, SU is sponsoring 8 full scholarships through an internal scholarship program. These include two full scholarships for women; three full scholarships for citizens of African nations; and three full scholarships for citizens from nations located in the geographic region of Asia.

Visit the GSP application portal at It contains additional details and instructions regarding the application process. The application deadline is Tuesday, December 11. Successful applicants will be notified next February.

For more information, please contact Marianne Ryan, Director of Leadership & Engagement (and 2009 GSP program alum), at [email protected]. We look forward to reviewing your application to join SU's 2013 Graduate Studies Program!

WiFli | Universal Access to information and knowledge, for every person on the planet

We are about to end the 10 weeks of the Graduate Study program here at Singularity University, NASA Ames. 80 students from 40 different countries set out to positively impact 1billion+ people in the next ten years. During this time, we studied the problem spaces, discussed, researched, and built teams.
Last night we presented the 22 projects our teams have in the Computer History Museum in Mountain view, in front of a full house, with change makes, visionaries, inventors, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists who want to make change happen.

I have three teammates, amazing individuals, with whom I share common values: we a deep respect for human dignity, we believe in equal opportunity, and we think that access to information and education is a social equaliser, such that empowers the disenfranchised to express their full potential, check on the power establishments, fight for human rights, and help lift themselves out of poverty.

We know there are many challenges-access to clean water, food, cheap energy-but we realise that access to information can enable the solutions to all of the problems we face as a species. We'd rather teach people how to build a fishing rod, instead of feeding them fish all the time.

Imagine what would happen if the 4 billion people who are not participating in the global conversation could access the sum of all human knowledge. Imagine what they could create, what they could invent, what they could do if they had that possibility.

This is the beginning of a journey that will change my life, and I hope that of many others.

Care to join?

Interview at Singularity Hub

Singularity Hub features in their home page an interview with me. Go check it out ;)

Here's a 5 minute excerpt of the 1 hour long Google hangout.

Perestroika interview at Singularity University

My good friend Tiago Mattos of Perestroika interviewed me on my book "Robots will steal your job, but that's OK", the future of jobs and society, art, creativity, passion, and the technological singularity. The interview took place at NASA Ames research center, during the Graduate Study Program at Singularity University.

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