Viral video: Chatroulette love song (w/ MP3 Download link)

Rune Iversen (28) and Jeppe Vejs (27) are two Danish guys behind this beautiful video. You can read fascinating interview with the creator about the development and the idea behind this project.

I took the liberty of transcoding the video into MP3, add the ID3tags, the lyrics with timecode, and an artwork.

It's completely free, love it, share it.

Wikileaks vs The Pentagon - Educating, smart, Rap News

See video

I've been following RapNews of the thejuicemedia for quite some time. It's the work of Hugo Farrant and Giordano Nanni. Farrant fills the role of the amiable Rap News anchorman, Robert Foster - as well as all the guests who appear on the show. Hailing from Branksome in the UK, Hugo is a prolific rhymer and orator, MC and spoken-word poet who regularly graces the stages and festivals of Melbourne. He's also a social critic with extraordinary talent.

Giordano Nanni is Rap News co-writer, composer, editor, director and researcher, whose rants and ruminations on current affairs are channeled into rhyme by Robert Foster. Hailing from Italy and South Africa, Giordano is a historian, writer, musician, indy-journalist and - in collaboration with Hugo - news writer.

Rap isn't exactly my type of music, but their videos are both intellectually compelling and musically appealing.

Here's another hilarious example of their work, at the time of the COP15 (I wish I found it for the blogging competition!)

Gotta love their lyrics. Here's an excerpt:

People will’ve heard that you were catapulted further
Into the public eye by one leak, yes collateral murder
while troops cause gore from a lurking chopper
Media whores ignore war and pour awards on the 'Hurt Locker'
Keep your wits about you: the battle lines are merging,
an information war, with an appetite for turning
The great walls of China, Palestine and Berlin
into fire walls, black lists, a wire curtain
over this small, crucial, window of opportunity:
The internet - unprecedented global community -
An epochal evolution, telepathic synapse
while all major media source have been hijacked.
Picture this as we part:
Our perception of reality expressed as a chart;
we've lost TV to Murdoch, the press to the sharks;
This internet our last channel to connect to the mark.
No rhetorical questions at last:
If we lose this frequency we’ll be left in the dark.

Despite their talent and excellent videos, their popularity is still fairly low. One of the most rated comments on their YouTube video stated:

this now has 45k+ views. Love The Way You Lie with rihanna and eminem has 56M+. The world consists of... ~99,92% retards :(

Or maybe they just need to know it exists. I'm doing my part here ;)

You can (and should) follow them on twitter.

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