Freedom Fry — "Happy birthday to GNU"

Freedom Fry —

Happy Birthday to the GNU project, which turned 25 today and is celebrating with a video of English humorist Stephen Fry. In September 1983, Richard Stallman first announced the plan to develop a free software operating system called GNU. Today, in combination with the Linux kernel, GNU/Linux is a completely free operating system running on many millions of computers world-wide. You are using GNU/Linux every day when surfing the web, as it’s one of the most popular operating systems to power web servers, database servers, and the other infrastructure that makes the web work.

Happy birthday, GNU!


Geek joke: "sudo do what I say" == "do what I say; sudo!!"

Classic comedy. Apparently it's possible to specify sudo after you execute a command, just in case you forgot.

$: apt-get update
$: sudo!!

Kind of cool ^_^

[via pollycoke]

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