I'm sick

That's it. I'm sick. Again. But this time is different. I'm sick of it all.

I'm sick of being ill all the time, of this constant and unbearable pollution that surrounds me.

I'm sick of all the cars, trucks, motorbikes, and moped that grind around, the stench is suffocating, the noise is ear-crushing.

I'm sick of the incinerators, the cement plants, the industries, the nuclear waste, the destruction of biodiversity, the depletion of the soil, I'm sick of Monsanto, Coca Cola, Dupont, and all the sick criminals that run them.

I'm sick of all the lies.

I'm sick of bureaucracy, of wasting days in useless procedures that don't bring me anywhere. I'm sick of signing papers, making photos, sending applications forms, go to the civic hall and find it closed when it's supposed to be opened.

I'm sick of this rotten food that we buy, of all the supermarkets that eat you up and choke you.

I'm sick of living with people I don't know or I don't like.

I'm sick of not being able to speak about these things, because they are depressing, and we should always pretend, pretend to be happy, don't spoil the party, don't be such an asshole, why so serious?

But most of all, I'm sick of all the people that don't see these things, all the idiots that play this this death game of monopoly, they don't give a shit about the billions of people starving to death, of those who drink filthy water and die of diarrhoea, of those who vomit blood since the day they were born because of the pollution of their rivers and their soil, of which we are responsible.

I'm sick of all the people who defend this sick society, who don't realise the symbiotic relationship that we have with our planet.

I'm sick of all the people who look away, who think that "our" kids are more important than "their" kids.

I'm sick of this false moralists, of the meaningless superstitions, religions, pseudoscience, and ignorance that permeates our subculture.

I'm sick of television.

That's it, I'm leaving this place. I'll move out from all these cars and trucks, a new house, where I live with somebody I trust and I like, where I can see the trees and the changing of the seasons not by looking at the forecast, but by looking at the leaves falling.

For now. And if that's not enough, I'll move out of this country. And if that's not enough, I'll move to a freaking ecovillage in the middle of a forest.

So long, my friends.

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