The blog gets facelift and upgrade: drupal 6.12 and facebook connect

Good news everyone! I took some time to make this blog a little bit more usable, as well as safe. I made quite a lot of improvements, here's a list of the most significant ones.

Dupal 6.12


I've been running Drupal 5 for quite some time, and I've meaning to upgrade to Drupal 6 (version 12) since I had the chance to work with it and see the huge improvements the community has made to this amazing Open Source Project. It's now faster to load, better looking (improved theming), more secure, easier to use, supports OpenID in its core, and a lot of other small goodies that make it irresistible. It's the most important update, as well as the least noticeable by the end user.

Facebook Connect


See that nice facebook icon, just down the login form? This module allows you to login on my blog using your Facebook login and password. Sweet.

  • After logging through Facebook Connect, you can create a local account
  • You can choose which of your Facebook public information you want to import and synchronize with your local account, following Facebook Connect API Terms of use
  • You can see which of your Facebook friends already have an account on this blog
  • You can publish a customizable message on your Facebook feed announcing that your have created an account here
  • You can invite your Facebook friends to create an account here

For this purpose I'm using the excellent Facebook Connect drupal module.

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