Internet 1 - Censorship 0. Your move.

As you probably know, yesterday was the day of the great Internet blackout, in protest of the upcoming SOPA and PIPA legislations, which instead of protecting the rights of authors and artists, they look more like draconian laws of a dystopian world where websites could be taken down for no reason and people could go to jail for streaming some music. I'm not making this up, it's all in the bill, just read it.

As always, the Khan Academy offers an excellent explanation of what SOPA and PIPA are all about:

And here Kirby Ferguson has an animated version.

Yesterday, this blog, among other 75,000 sites, was blacked out, and not accessible for 24 hours. People were encouraged to call congress and stop this madness. It was a huge success. TorrentFreak reports that SOPA / PIPA Co-Sponsors Drop Like Flies As Millions Protest, millions of people mobilised to keep the Internet free.

This isn't the first time they try to censor the Internet, and it won't be the last.

Stay strong, stay united.


Wikipedia is everyday more valuable. It's the living proof that the world can be better, and that we can overcome the use of money. The real motivation that drives people is not monetary profit, but it's self mastery, curiosity, and the need to share meaningful things with others.

Wikipedia makes it a reality.

Federico Pistono


Wikipedia Forever, make a donation

I recently donated €10 EUR ($15 USD) to the Wikimedia foundation.


It might not be much, but it's something, and if everyone gives a little it will eventually make the difference. The English Wikipedia has 11,023,443 registered users, 157,937 of which are active users (users who have performed an action in the last 30 days).

The 2009 goal for Wikipedia is $7.5M USD. If all the registered users were to donate $15 USD, as I did, it would make $165M USD, 22 times the amount. But that's a bit too utopian. A more realistic approach would be to consider all the active registered users in all wikis (circa 600K people) would make ~$9M USD, which is more than we need.

Looking at the history of contribution and comments, it's about one donation per minute. It should be more than

From the shared stories:

I can only hope that Wikipedia perpetuates forever and is available, for FREE, to anybody who wants to learn...and that experts in every field continue to share their knowledge with humankind. I urge ANYONE who can make a donation to the Wikimedia Foundation to do so. Donating allows everyone with an Internet connection to continue a cycle of learning that will elevate mankind and bring all of us closer by perpetuation of valuable knowledge.

Please, consider making a donation to the project. :)


Thesis: Open Source implementations of encoding algorithms for video distribution in the HTML5 era

I finally finished and presented my thesis. I'm releasing the work under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution – Noncommercial – Share Alike Works 3.0 license.


This dissertation will cover the basics of video encoding and distribution over TCP/IP, focusing on Open Source technologies and the future prospects of podcasting and video fruition in general. Particular attention will be given to the state of the art technology (MPEG-4 Part 10 specifications) and the new possibilities of HTML5 and the integration of the patent-free video codec Ogg Theora.


Web communities

I live half of my life on the internet. As a result, I find myself in tons of communities, this is an uncomprehensive list of the most significant ones, mostly Web 2.0 driven.

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