Video: Democracy, technocracy, the free market or the scientific method for social concern?

This video is an attempt to show how the various forms of government and decision making work, what are their advantages and their problems.

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Sources cited in the video
The scientific method made easy
Scientists and engineers in the 111th U.S. Congress
Only two scientists among the 535 member of the U.S. Congress
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Full transcript of the video
One of the most misunderstood topics among the people I encounter is the application of the scientific method for social concern. There is an old belief that was propagated throughout the centuries, possibly due to an evolutionary cultural baggage that our species has, apparently very difficult to drop, according to which you can’t use science or the scientific method to figure out how to run a society.


Julian Assange gives you private information on government and corporations for free, and he's a villan. Mark Zuckerberg gives your private information to government and corporations for money, and he's person of the year.


Lessig on government failures and corruption

Another great Lessig keynote. Interesting analogy between the famous Pentium FDIV flaw and the current government's flaws and the absurdities of todays approach to the most fundamental questions we need to address.


1984 - Scotland Yard Investigator Wants to Collect DNA from School Children


Wired reports that the director of Scotland Yard's forensics division says that Britain should be collecting DNA samples from any primary school children who show signs of behavior that exhibit a propensity for later crimes, according to an article in the Observer.

The Yard's Gary Pugh says the idea that trivial offenses committed early in life can forecast more serious crimes later in life is supported by studies, and that identifying these individuals when they're children would not only aid crime-solving later, but possibly deter some of these suspects from committing crimes when they're adults.


Zeitgeist - March 15 2008 Z-Day


For those who don't know Zeitgeist yet I suggest you to go and watch it: it' is a 2007 web film, produced by Peter Joseph, that presents a number of facts related to Christianity, the attacks of 9/11, and the Federal Reserve Bank, as well as theories related to those three topics.

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