(mis)adventures of a CrowdFunding Campaign

(mis)adventures of a CrowdFunding Campaign, a true story, illustrated and painfully experienced by Federico Pistono

Einstein was wrong (COMIC)

Would be interesting to see a comparison before-and-after CERN's apparent discovery of neutrinos' superluminal velocities.

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When Microsoft calls..

Today, while at work, I received a call from Microsoft from a lovely lady. Here's how it went, more or less.

M$: "Hi, I'm calling on behalf of Microsoft customer service, we are doing a series of interviews in order to make our client's web experience better."
me: "Ah-ah."
M$: "I would like to ask you a few questions regarding the software you use and what kind..."
me: "So, this is basically a market research."
M$: "it's just an interview, we don't want yo sell you anything!" (laughs)
me: "OK, write this down then: we use only open source software, and we don't deal with companies that keep the source code closed."
M$: "So, you are not interested?"
me: "When and if Microsoft decides to release its source code, we might."
M$: "What do you mean 'source code'?" (she's confused)
(I pause for a few seconds)
me: "I mean the code the software runs on."
M$: "Could you hold the line for a minute please?"
(music runs on, me and my colleagues are rolling on the floor laughing)
M$: "Hi... ehm... nevermind, thank you for your time."


RIP George Carlin

Sunday June 22nd 2008 Goerge Carlin, possibly the best comedian I've ever seen, left us. He was 71. Here's one of my favourite clips.

George Carlin - Religion is Bullshit

George Carlin - Religion is Bullshit
George Carlin - Religion is Bullshit
George Carlin - Religion is Bullshit

I will always remember his smart and acute dark comedy, sarcastic and intelligent, very critic of government and the paradoxes of our society. It will take a long time until we'll have somone like him again.

I'll miss you George.

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