(mis)adventures of a CrowdFunding Campaign

(mis)adventures of a CrowdFunding Campaign, a true story, illustrated and painfully experienced by Federico Pistono

Einstein was wrong (COMIC)

Would be interesting to see a comparison before-and-after CERN's apparent discovery of neutrinos' superluminal velocities.

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See you at Drupalcon Copenhagen

Drupalcon in Copenhagen. Ninja-codingI will be attending the Drupalcon in Copenhagen.

DrupalCon is the twice-yearly gathering of Drupalistas to learn about, discuss, and contribute to Drupal, networking with other Drupal community members in the process. Last year in Paris was an awesome experience, and I was very happy to hear that this year's choice was Copenhagen, a city I love and had the chance to visit more than once.

Ninja-coding! :D

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