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NIN Ghosts I-IV - Trent Reznor goes Creative Commons

Nine Inch Nails - Ghosts I-IV

A while ago I covered the story of Radiohead, who wanted to free themselves from the evil clutches of record labels and the abominable empire of the music industry by releasing their album In Rainbows for free, leaving the choice to the people: pay as much as you want. The result of that experiments was apparently quite satisfactory, although
some people paid, many others did not.


Japanese emoticons, the evolution of internet expressiveness

I find Western (forgive me for using that) emoticons to be quite inexpressive and boring. They appear lifeless , cold and they read vertically. Japanese emoticons, on the other hand, are powerful and they read horizontally (like our writing). The internet is full of resources about these tiny little faces, but somehow I did not manage to obtain a single page that contains all the significant ones. I often find myself using them, be that in emails, blogs, forums, chats, and even more frequently my friends do not understand me. Now you can. (⌒▽⌒)

I compiled this list using wikipedia and a few japanese blogs, it's a non comprehensive list, but it's good enough as a resource whenever I need a face to describe my emotion, I figured it may useful to you as well.

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