It's a conspiracy!

There is no way to get inside the Bella Centre. There is police everywhere, the Bella metro station is closed and things don't look very bright. In a time like this, I thought a little laugh could be of help.

it's a conspiracy!-w580.png
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p.s. Thanks to xkcd for the idea. ;)

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Google is really pushing our limits with April's fool

Google is really pushing my limits, and I don't mean it in a bad way. April 1st has been a very special day for Google, and every year I don't know what to expect, and whether it's for real or if it's yet another hoax. When they announced Gmail nobody believed it, 1GB of space when not conceivable in the hotmail-era of a 20MB or so...

Now they even started a wikipedia war by linking the Grandfather paradox page (which is now protected for obvious reasons) on their last hoax: Gmail custom time.


gDay - Google will search into the future

Google Australia launched gDay today, a new search engine that allows users to search a day in advance of real time:

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