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RASE #4 DAO Democracy with Ralph Merkle

Fourth episode of the Reason and Science [Eventually] Podcast, June 22, 2016.

Featured in this episode:
- VidCon 2016 (my article on the 2015 experience
- Conversation with Ralph Merkle on DAO Democracy at the Distributed Autonomous Society's meetup in Palo Alto. We discussed Ethereum, Blockchain, Mars Space Travels, Prediction Markets and the Future of Democracy

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RASE #2 Dr. Konoz, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let Problems Solve Themselves

See video

Second episode of the Reason and Science [Eventually] Podcast, August 17, 2014. Help caption and translate!

Featured in this episode:
- Humans Need Not Apply by GCP Grey
- My video response to "Humans Need Not Apply"
- Konoz: Learn and Teach Anything, my new startup.
- "The Summit" and other startup competitions
- Speaking Engagements on September in The Netherlands
- Featured song: Copenhagen by Figures in Motion, from Confusion Will Pass (2014) CC-BY

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